About us

The products you are going to find across this site come from my native Poland and other Baltic/ Eastern European countries. There is a long history of glass making in Poland and the first handwritten mentions of glass blowing date back over 700 years ago.


The glassware we carry at Eutopia Design comes from some of the oldest crystal and glass factories in Poland where the glassmakers have been perfecting their craft for centuries and passing down the knowledge to new generations. The glassware is mouth blown in small batches, the artisans hand cut and paint each single piece.


These pieces take me back to my happy place with my family and friends at the dinner table in my hometown of Warszawa. We drink, we laugh, we tease each other endlessly.

Now, I have them here for my American family and friends to enjoy.


I hope you choose to have EUtopia Design glassware at your home. And as you hold it in your hand with a beverage of your choice, whether it is high end whiskey or tap water, I hope it takes you to your happy place.


Regardless of where you came from, we all meet here.

Welcome to the world of Eutopia Design. Welcome home.


Much love,